Knotty Facts & FAQ


Knotty Facts

Some dogs are chewers & some are shredders.  For the chewers a Knotty Toy can last for months & months while a shredder can destroy one in mere minutes.  Others just might have zero interest in a Knotty Toy.  It’s rare but it happens.

All our Knotty Toys are cut & tied individually by hand in our workshop so they will not always be identical in appearance.  However, they are individually measured & cut to the same length.

Orders are filled & mailed out by the next business day.  We try to keep our shipping costs down & for this reason we use Canada Post for our deliveries.


Q:  Is my Knotty Toy Organic?

A:  The legal definition of ‘Organic’ varies from country to country.  Our Hemp Rope is grown free of chemicals & pesticides.  It’s country of origin is Romania.

Q:  What if my dog swallows some of the hemp fiber?

A:  Not a problem.  It’s roughage.  It too shall pass.

Q:  Will my dog get high?

A:  No.  This is hemp, not marijuana.  Though related, they are different plants altogether.

Knotty Toys for Good Dogs <3

A Special Announcement From Our CEO, Olivia



Good day everyone.

I’m pleased and excited to make this special announcement.

After months of preparation, battling gremlins and

sometimes being barking mad at technology, we here at

Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are proud to announce that our store will be

opening March 26 in celebration of Purple Day, an

international effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide.

For our first week, all donations to the Wally Foundation will be doubled.

We look forward to seeing you. Visit our blog, share your dog pictures, enter a contest

and order a quality all natural toy for your canine companion.

Olivia <3
CEO Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

The Wally Foundation & Why $1 of Each Sale is Donated to Them.


There has been a lot of work getting Knotty Toys for Good Dogs ready to launch. One of our main task was to find a suitable charity to donate a portion of our sales to. Since this all began with Olivia of Oh, The Life of Olivia, we wanted to find an organization that helps canines who are challenged by their medical expenses whether that be with financial assistance in obtaining anti-seizure meds or other ongoing cost of chronic medical conditions.

The Wally Foundation provides financial assistance to canine epileptics, dog rescue groups & veterinary services to obtain medications.

TWF is always there ready to support financially as well as providing information & resources.

Donations are always welcome.

The Wally Foundation

or visit their Facebook page