What’s In A Name?

Canine Culture


Just like humans, dog names have changed a lot over the years. A popular name this year will fall out of favor eventually to be replaced by something more current. I thought it might be amusing to see how our names have changed over time.

There was a time when dogs had dog names. Spot, Fido, Rex & Rover were all very common names 100 years ago. Duke, Duchess, Prince, Princess, King & Queenie were all once in vogue.  Dog’s didn’t start sharing names with humans until the 1960’s. Jack, Bill, Gus…& so on.

At the moment Max & Bella are very popular as are Rocky, Buddy or Charlie for males & Chloe, Sophie or Molly for females. Where have I heard that name Molly before?😉 Apparently the names Scooter & Brandy were very popular 10 years ago but not at all now.

A dog might also be named based on it’s a breed. An Akita for example may be given a Japanese name like Kiko or Yoshi. A dog might be named after a famous dog as well. Many have been named “Lassie” or “Beethoven”.

My name is Olivia but lately my HuMom has been calling me “Monkey”. I’m not clear why. BOL!

What’s your good dog’s name?

CEO Olivia


The Latest On Hank



Last week we posted about Hank. He’s a puppy in Belfast, Northern Ireland who has been taken from his family & is to be euthanized because he looks like a pit bull. This is appalling. He’s just a puppy.

Hank has a petition going with over 250,000 signatures & growing. He has some celebrities in the United Kingdom championing his cause as well. But it seems the Belfast Town council remains indifferent & wants him killed.

Hank is due to be assessed this week ( How & by who? The authorities won’t say). His family is not being told where Hanks is being held nor are they allowed to visit him.

The Belfast city council have informed the family that they will not discuss anything relating to Hank with them. All communication must go through their solicitor. This seems like bullying to me. The backwards thinking & ignorance of this city’s council members is disgraceful.

Please take a moment to visit Hank’s page on Facebook. Sign the petition to help this innocent puppy & his family. Please also take a moment to find how you can do something to end BSL (breed specific legislation) where you live. There is a viable, proven alternative, called the “Canine Threat Assessment Guide”, or C-TAG. Australia has already adopted it, but it should be applied everywhere. Dogs should not be at risk simply because of their appearance. A dog is a dog.

CEO Olivia

Why Do Dogs Sniff Everything?

Canine Culture


I thought we’d take a break from all the craziness in the world & start the week with something lighthearted. My HuMom’s life long friend Gillian of Who’s Walking Who Dog Training Centres, appeared in a children’s show called Now You Know, discussing why dogs sniff everything.

We can’t post the video do to it’s privacy settings but you can watch it on Youtube

3 bum swings!  3 more!

Thank you Gil, Howie & Baboo.

CEO Olivia