Pupper Mache

Canine Culture

Today I’m sharing some pictures of pawsome paper mache dogs I discovered while sniffing about the inter-webs. I couldn’t decide what one’s were my favorites, so with my huMom’s help, we made a slide show. Which one is your favorite?

I also sniffed out a place that has all kinds of recipes for paper mache. You could make your own paper mache dog. I might even try it. BOL!

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia


Paper Mache Good Dogs

Canine Culture

While sniffing about the inter-webs for dog related art I came across something different. Back in 2013, Brooklyn artist Will Kurtz did a solo exhibit at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York City.

Constructed of unlikely materials such as newspaper, glue, wire & wood, there are more than 20 dogs of every breed, size & color, each rendered more expressively than the next.

Check out this wooftastic exhibit.

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CEO Olivia