Silly Dog Sundays ~ June 18th Edition

Silly Dog Sundays

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CEO Olivia 



Olivia Reaches 10, 000 Followers!


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I find myself a bit humbled. My Facebook Page, “Oh The Life of Olivia“, as of today has 10,002 followers. That’s a whole lot of good dogs, cats & humans! 3 bum swings! 3 more!

Since I began my page (with huMom’s help) I have met so many good dogs & their humans. Many live with canine epilepsy like myself. We are affectionately known as Epi-Warriors. HuMom & I feel a true sense of community through my page. There is so much love & support out there. We all rally round when a warrior is battling the evil monster that is epilepsy. We collectively morn when one falls & celebrate when a seizure free milestone is reached.

Both my huMom & I want to say a big, wooftastic thank you to everyone.  We couldn’t do it with out you nose nudges

CEO Olivia



Epilepsy Awareness Month Wrap Up



We are about to say good bye to November which is Epilepsy Awareness Month. I do my best to share with you what me & my huMom have learned about canine epilepsy. We also hope to continue to offer support for those who are new to living with this disorder.

Living with epilepsy requires a great deal of courage. It’s not easy, but we always find the  courage we didn’t know we had. It also requires selflessness. When dealing with an epilepsy event, you must put your emotions in check & focus on what’s needed to be done.

We here at Knotty Toys will continue to share as we learn more about canine epilepsy. Knowledge is power they say. If there is a particular issue you’d like us to explore, please drop us a line.

To my fellow epi-warriors I say, stay strong & seizure free.


CEO Olivia