Diet & epilepsy


There is more & more research being done in regards to diet & epilepsy. Correcting nutritional deficiencies can help reduce or control seizures in epileptic dogs, & in some cases, may eliminate seizures completely.

I won’t mince words here, most commercial dog foods are poor quality, especially kibbles. Not only are they lacking in nutrition, they contain chemicals for preserving & often have a high salt content. They are often more grain than anything & dogs aren’t cows.

There are a number of specific nutritional deficiencies in both humans & canines that are known to cause or aggravate seizures, including vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies & amino acid deficiencies. While commercial dog foods are promoted as being nutritional & well-balanced, the fact is, that the process of producing these foods actually destroys the vitamins,minerals & amino acids.

Raw or whole food diets offer the best forms of proteins, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins & minerals. For dogs with epilepsy, a quality diet will go a long way towards controlling or eliminating seizures. That being said, the advantages offered by a raw or whole food diet can only be gained if the diet is well-balanced to the needs of the individual dog. For example, some dog’s can’t eat raw meat due to auto immune deficiencies. Understanding your good dog’s nutritional needs is crucial in creating a diet that will yield positive results. This is especially important for dogs with epilepsy.

There are many recipes online for home made dog food. It may be a little bit more work than tearing open a bag, but your good dog will be healthier & happier that you made the effort.

CEO Olivia

Remembering my BFF Ruger


Today would have been my late BFF Ruger’s 7th birthday. Sadly, he lost the fight against the Epi-Monster. We know his human’s are still very sad as he was a very special good dog.

Ruger lived life to the fullest & did his fair share of good work spreading love, joy, compassion, canine epilepsy awareness & his ever present, happy grin. He is deeply missed by all those he touched but today most especially.

Happy Birthday Angel Ruger!

Love you forever & ever Ruger,

CEO Olivia

Purple Day 2017


Today is Purple Day, a global movement to raise epilepsy awareness. Every March 26th, people & good dogs in countries around the world wear purple & host events in support of epilepsy awareness.

For today we are joining in blog hop along with FurAngel Gibson of Fivesibes, & Rolo of Confessions of a Rescue Mom. If you would like to add your blog to the Purple Day Blog Hop, go here.

Over time we have collected many photos of Canine Epi-Warriors that we have met through social media. Last year we made a short video montage of these brave souls & have made an updated version for this year. Many of my fellow Epi-Warriors are still fighting the epi-monster but sadly, others have fallen. We send out our love & strength to all those living with canine epilepsy & those who have lost a loved one.

Please show your support by showing your ‘purple’, my huMom & I are. To all that live with epilepsy I bark out, “Stay strong & seizure free!”.

CEO Olivia ❤

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