An Update on Sky ~ End BSL Everywhere


Hello everyone, Olivia here. Today I’m marking a sad anniversary. Back in January I barked out about a Dog in the United Kingdom named Sky. Just to remind you, Sky was taken from her family simply because of her appearance. She would have been euthanized if not for her family launching a legal battle to get her home.

Sky has now been locked up for a year. That’s a very long time to be away from your family. Especially in dog years. Sky’s family did win a decision in court to have her exempted & sent home, but that decision has been legally challenged & so Sky is still not where she should be, at home with her family. The BSL (breed Specific Legislation) has been on the books in the Untied Kingdom for 26 years. That’s just wrong & backwards. A dog is a dog.

There is an online event this week to help Sky & raise awareness of the evil BSL. You can get involved & perhaps play a small part in getting Sky home with her family. You can also sign a petition on Sky’s Facebook page. Please help bring Sky home & end BSL everywhere.

CEO Olivia

Artist Leslie Franklin

Canine Culture

To end off this week I thought I’d share some more wooftastic art. Leslie Franklin is an award winning Canadian artist who began by drawing dogs (3 bum swings). She won her first award for art when she was in grade three.

Working mainly in water color & ink, her style combines elements of realism with free flowing, non-traditional methods. Her choice of vibrant colors produce expressive, unconventional results.

Leslie has been exhibiting her art professionally for over 30 years across Canada & the United States. She has had many solo shows with her first one being at Eaton’s Gallery of Fine Art at the age of 21.

Times like this, I wish my dog vision wasn’t so limited. BOL!

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia