We’re on the Road

News, News Flash

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Tomorrow my good vet, Dr. Facey of the Apsley Veterinary Services is having an open house & fundraiser & Knotty Toys for Good Dogs will be there.

There is going to be grrreat raffle prizes & a silent auction. All money raised will be going to the Gwen Scott Fund to help stray animals & wildlife. There will be a BBQ & pet photographs. Kids are sure to love Dr. Brooke’s balloon animals. There will also be vendors like us, a bake sale & a yard sale. It’s going to be a wooftastic day.

If you’re in the area drop by & get a Knotty Toy for your good dog. We will be having up to 50% off when you make a donation to the Gwen Scott Fund. My huMom is very excited to be participating but I will be staying home with Suzie Q. I’m a reactive dog & I don’t behave well in crowds. I really just want to talk to everyone 😉  3 bum swings! 3 more!

CEO Olivia ❤

An Update on Sky ~ End BSL Everywhere


Hello everyone, Olivia here. Today I’m marking a sad anniversary. Back in January I barked out about a Dog in the United Kingdom named Sky. Just to remind you, Sky was taken from her family simply because of her appearance. She would have been euthanized if not for her family launching a legal battle to get her home.

Sky has now been locked up for a year. That’s a very long time to be away from your family. Especially in dog years. Sky’s family did win a decision in court to have her exempted & sent home, but that decision has been legally challenged & so Sky is still not where she should be, at home with her family. The BSL (breed Specific Legislation) has been on the books in the Untied Kingdom for 26 years. That’s just wrong & backwards. A dog is a dog.

There is an online event this week to help Sky & raise awareness of the evil BSL. You can get involved & perhaps play a small part in getting Sky home with her family. You can also sign a petition on Sky’s Facebook page. Please help bring Sky home & end BSL everywhere.

CEO Olivia

Off topic ~ Bats!


Hello everyone. CEO Olivia here. The other night, while walking with my huMom, we saw a bat flying over head. My huMom was very excited to see it & I was curious as to why. She explained that the sky used to be filled with them at night but over the past few years they have all but disappeared.

The reason is that a terrible, fatal disease called White Nose Syndrome has all but wiped out several bat species across North America. It’s transmitted from direct contact but also lives in the soil found in bat lairs. Some species have lost 90% of their population. It is estimated some 7 million bats have died since 2012. That translates into at least 2.4 million pounds of insects (1.1 million kg) will go uneaten annually. That’s a lot more bug bites & remember that heartworm is carried by mosquitoes.

It should be noted that bats save farmers in the United States about 3 billion dollars annually in pest control costs. Also, numerous bat species are crucial for pollination & seed dispersal.

Bat populations are slowly recovering but it may take years. You humans can help out by having bat boxes on your property. A bat box is basically a bat home where a mother bat can raise her babies. Baby bats are called “pups”, just like us dogs ( 3 bum swings!). You can go to the bat conservation web site for all kinds of information on how to build a bat box or where you can purchase one. There are even instructional videos.

I know bats have a bad reputation but they are vital to the ecology of our planet. They can eat their own weight in mosquitoes in just an evening. That’s good enough for me.

CEO Olivia