Silly Dog Sundays ~ October 22nd Edition

Silly Dog Sundays

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CEO Olivia 


Good Dog Stamps

Canine Culture

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today I’m going to show you something that I sniffed out at home. I noticed when I get mail there is always a sticker in the top corner of the envelope.

HuMom says those are called stamps & they are how people pay to mail stuff. Interesting. I sniffed about the inter-webs & discovered stamps are used pretty much everywhere & sometimes they have good dogs on them.

Have a look.

Have a pawsome weekend.

CEO Olivia

The Incredible Story of Odin the Dog


Today I want to share an incredible story. As you’ve probably heard, there have been terrible wild fires in California. Odin is one of two great Pyrenees who take turns guarding his family’s eight goats from coyotes & mountain lions. He was on duty the night the fires swept across where he lives.

What began as a calm evening quickly turned into a nightmare. Odin’s family had very little time to make their escape & in the chaos there was no time to round up Odin & the goats. Odin’s owner, Roland Handel & his family were heartbroken. They feared that Odin & the goats perished in the fire…but this story has a happy ending.

The Handel family returned the next day, circumventing roadblocks to get there. They arrived & discovered that their home & everything else on their property was completely destroyed.  It was like a moonscape.

But Odin was there, waiting for them — with all eight goats & some wild deer. Odin’s paw pads were burnt & his bright white fur had been singed orange. He was limping & was lying down a lot, clearly exhausted. Also his eyes were irritated from the smoke. But he survived.

Mr. Handel believes that Odin bravely led the other animals to a clearing at the center of a high outcropping of rocks to avoid the flames & continued to watch over them until his family returned.

Odin has had a full check-up & is doing well. He’s in good spirits & hasn’t shown signs of being traumatized at all. He’ll make a full recovery & will be going back to be with his goats.

What a brave, devoted, very good dog.

CEO Olivia

p.s. If you’d like to help, the Handels are now raising money on YouCaring to rebuild their barn & water supply before winter.