Ice Cream & Cold Beer – for good dogs



It’s been a very hot summer here. While I was sniffing about the internet searching for cool treats  I discovered two items that you wouldn’t immediately think are for dogs. Ice cream & “beer”.

Golp is an ice cream for dogs from Australia. It’s specially formulated for dog tummies. They also make delicious , meaty chews & carob chocolate treats. They have two ice cream flavors, Vanilla / green tea & vanilla / berry.  They sound delicious.

Next I uncovered beer for dogs. It’s not beer in the traditional sense, there are no hops because they are toxic to dogs & there is no alcohol. I discovered two brands of dog beers. Snuffle Beer is made in Europe & Bowser Beer is made in the U.S.A.. Both contain broth from chicken and/or beef. Dog beer should be served at room temperature as cold drinks aren’t really good for dogs.

This all sounds very tasty. 3 bum swings! Next heat wave I’m asking my HuMom for ice cream & beer.

CEO Olivia


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